Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Odd Access Control Procedure

TSB spent today visiting another U.S. government agency at its headquarters building downtown in the Holy City of Washington. I expected to undergo the usual X-ray and metal detector screening to get into the place - meaning that I hid my pocketknife inside the litter of other small items in my laptop bag so I could sneak it in - but what I didn't expect was that my U.S. government ID card wasn't enough to get me admitted. Instead, I had to show my Virginia driver's licence as proof of identity.

So here's another bit of security theatre for me to be skeptical about: a government-issued badge (that shows I am a direct-hire employee with a Top Secret clearance and 24/7 unescorted access to State Department facilities) is disregarded, but I'm allowed in on the strength of a driver's licence (that doesn't even prove I'm a citizen). What's the reasoning behind that?

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