Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Trying Hard to Keep a Straight Face

Today's story about a terrorist convoy that was intercepted by the Iraqi Army at a checkpoint twelve miles north of Baghdad is being treated as off-beat news, but it's actually a fairly serious example of improved internal security.

You may have seen the New York Post headline ("BRIDE AND BOOM - TRANNY TERRORIST UN-VEILED IN IRAQ"), and the less sensational CNN headline ("Official: Bride, Groom Stopped in Iraq Actually Terror Suspects").

The New York Post story has by far the better description: "Upon inspecting the convoy, soldiers found stubbly-faced terrorist Haider al-Bahadli decked out in a traditional, princess-neck, embroidered bridal dress and veil, and clutching a spray of demure white flowers."

CNN's story, in its mainstream-media deadpan prose, added the following news: "Bahadli was wanted on terror-related charges, as was his groom, Abbas al-Dobbi, the official said."

I'm going to rise above the predictable, juvenile, cheap-shot jokes about this incident. I'll merely note that if you want to join me in congratulating the happy couple, I have opened a gift registry for them at Blood Bath and Beyond.

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