Saturday, May 2, 2009

Amy Winehouse Is Dry? In What World?

What kind of Bizarro World are they running down in St. Lucia? Amy Winehouse was just admitted to a hospital there to recover from - of all things - not drinking enough. And this follows a February health scare in which she was hospitalized for being drug-intolerant!

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse is recovering at a hospital in the Caribbean after collapsing at her holiday villa.

The Back to Black hitmaker - who is currently enjoying an extended sunshine break in St. Lucia - was admitted to a medical facility on the island on Friday night, suffering from dehydration.

The health scare comes nearly three months after she was previously rushed to hospital in St. Lucia in February after suffering an adverse reaction to her prescription medication

I like her music and hope she lives past 30, so I suppose she should spend as much time as possible in St. Lucia. It seems to be working for her, in an upside-down sort of way.

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