Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oakleys or Ray-Bans?

A DS Agent in Afghanistan sent me this cartoon today. He tells me that despite all the cultural sensitivity training about how it insults the locals when you wear shades while interacting with them, all of the security contractors and most of the younger DS agents wear them constantly - both outside and inside the embassy, propped up on their heads, dangling from retaining straps, all kinds of ways.

If you, too, like to wear cool shades and cargo pants, currently have or have ever considered getting a tattoo, and believe that you know what color the boathouse at Hereford is, you might be interested in these vacancy announcements for DS Special Agents and Security Engineering Officers.


Federale said...

LOL, need I again point out that today's special operators and jackbooted government thugs wear Revision. Oakleys? 80s. Raybans? 60s. Next someone will claim that Varnets are the eyewear du jour. They are also yesterdujour.

TSB said...

We can't expect Doonesbury to appreciate the finer points of studly eye wear.

Anyway, I don't know what's so wrong with Ray-Bans. I wore a pair of Wayfarers from (roughly) the 60s until I lost them a couple years ago. Kids in Starbucks actually asked me where I found those "Blues Brothers glasses."