Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SecState Cuts The Ribbon On Fortress Embassy #88

Hillary is the one on the left. On the right is US Ambassador to Liberia Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

United States Dedicates New Embassy Compound in Monrovia, Liberia:
In an important symbol of America’s commitment to an enduring friendship with the people of Liberia, as well as the importance of our bilateral relationship with the Liberian Government, the United States dedicated its new embassy in Monrovia today. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, in connection with her visit to attend the inauguration of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, presided at an in-house dedication ceremony yesterday [see her remarks here]. U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Liberia, Linda Thomas-Greenfield attended the public ceremony today, joined by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Toga Gayewea McIntosh; Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Senator Gbezongar Milton Findley; and Managing Director for the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations’ (OBO) Office of Construction, Facility, and Security Management, Rodney Evans.

Occupying a 12-acre site in Mamba Point, the multi-building complex creates a secure, sustainable, and pleasant workplace for approximately 400 employees. The Embassy’s permanent art collection features artworks by 51 celebrated American and Monrovian artists, curated by OBO’s Office of Art in Embassies. These artworks focus around the themes of tradition and renewal through lively images of agriculture, education, music, African American history and culture, and a love of homeland.

The new embassy incorporates numerous sustainable features, most notably, a rainwater collection system with a 264,000 gallon tank to handle the majority of potable and irrigation water needs, a photovoltaic system located on the parking canopy structure, high-efficiency mechanical chillers, and a building automation system. The facility is registered with the Green Building Certification Institute and is entering the formal review process with enough credits to earn a LEED Gold rating. B.L. Harbert International of Birmingham, Alabama constructed the project, which was designed by Page Southerland Page of Arlington, Virginia. The $164 million project generated jobs in both the United States and the Republic of Liberia.

Since the 1999 enactment of the Secure Embassy Construction and Counterterrorism Act, the Department has moved more than 26,000 people into safer facilities. OBO has completed 88 diplomatic facilities and has an additional 41 projects in design or construction.


Anonymous said...

Good post TSB! Informed Comment is on strike on Wednesday January 18, 2012, to protest the so-called “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) and “Protect IP” or “Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011″ (PIPA). Please, please, take a moment to write your elected officials to protest these two horrid pieces of legislation which would have the effect of killing the internet and making Informed Comment impossible. remember who favored these Orwellian laws and vote them out in November. gwb
ps! We are getting snowed in here!

Anonymous said...

TSB: Great post in tomdispatch.com
today by Pepe Escobar. I didn't know that "Atoms For Peace" built the 1st Iranian nuclear reactor in 1967 that is still part of the nuclear program we are clamoring to go to war over! great stuff! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB! At least now we can have a good circus with Cain-Colbert holding a rally Fri in Charlotte!
And the Iowa Rep's finally managed to count the votes when they don't matter. I checked Charlotte news outlets and they don't seem to know about any rally yet. In 4 yrs
I never met anyone in Texas who knew who Keith Olberman was! gwb
I hope they pass out loaves of bread to the college kids and vets.

Anonymous said...

TSB! I've been wondering where they have been keeping Joe Biden?
Turns out they have him rallying sports crowds and making predictions! "Vice President Joe Biden had his “oops” moment Wednesday speaking in a 49er-crazed San Francisco when he told a crowd at a city political fundraiser that “the Giants are on their way to the Super Bowl.”

TSB said...

I heard Joe 'the gaffer' making those remarks. Isn't that the sort of thing that gives Rick Perry a reputation as an airhead? but nobody ever holds Biden's many, many, verbal mishaps against him, for some reason.