Thursday, September 17, 2015

Construction Worker Corrects His Employer's Grammar

Noted in an office annex elevator.

So the company doing renovation in an office annex in Arlington, Virginia, put up a sign - which looks to be professionally printed - in the service elevator warning employees to turn off their cell phones or else have them confiscated. The warning is in Spanish, of course, that being the language of the construction trades in Arlington.

Some helpful construction guy evidently noticed the poor grammar of the warning and took it upon himself to give his bosses a free Spanish lesson. The top line he marked correcto, but he red-penciled the totally screwed-up bottom line ("si lo no hacen, sus telephonos seran confiscandos") and graded it muy mala.  He even drew a little sad face next to the mala.

That guy is wasted in construction work. Somebody should hire him as a language instructor.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Muy bueno posta!! And speaking of language, Juan Cole has a great post illustrating how our conservative leaders are 'ready to lead'on foreign policy! It's hilarious. gwb

My favorite, Carly! “TAPPER: I want to bring in Carly Fiorina.”
Shorter Fiorina: I have met Putin. By the time we split, he was almost bankrupt. I have that effect everywhere I go. I wouldn’t talk to him, he might want his money back. How would I deal with Syria? I’d rebuild the Sixth Fleet. I know Syria is mostly desert. But I’m sure you could get a destroyer in there. And I’d send thousands of troops to Germany. Why, Germany is almost next door to Syria. GIs in Munich. That’ll fix Syria’s wagon. And I’d just give Egypt and Jordan everything they could possibly want. It would make your head spin how much I would give Egypt and Jordan. I know Egypt hasn’t done a thing about ISIL in Syria. Maybe even President al-Sisi is leaning toward our sworn enemy Bashar al-Assad. But the main thing is to give Egypt everything it is asking for. Because of the sixth fleet, and Munich and also who wants to drink mojitos alone at the bar?

James said...

I've wondered where Victoriano went.

Anonymous said...

TSB: What wore me out the most about that debate was everyone saying over and over how they were going to get tough with Iran and defeat ISIS. The truth is non of them can explain how it is that Russia is actually fighting ISIS and we aren't. gwb

Assad Goes On Offense, Bombs ISIS "Capital", Deploys New Russian Weapons

Anonymous said...

TSB: It looks to me like this Syrian development is going to boost Trump 'HUGELY'! F-16's are no match for the new Soviet air defense missiles and it looks like their new missile defense can shoot down anything we have. Lindsey better have a great plan up his sleeve. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Trump might meet with Putin next week and Iran released 5 top Al Queda guys in exchange for 1 of their guys held in Yemen! I heard it on the TV! (Hillary was unavailable for comment.)

Anonymous said...

TSB: With something like 22 candidates running for President and endless supporters and detractors it seems like all we are really haggling over is the results of everything they all stand for. For instance: World | Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:33pm EDT Related: WORLD, MIGRANT CRISIS
'Heads as well as hearts': Croatia says it can take no more migrants... or Saudi-led warplanes pound Yemen's interior ministry in Sanaa.

With 475,000 people pouring into Europe on foot these candidates seem awfully proud of having supported the whole thing from the beginning and calling for more of it. And the latest star, Carly, personally delivered a semi-load of HP
servers to the CIA after 9/11 and served on an advisory board for them.

On a lighter note, today Hillary stiffed a whole school of grade schoolers after promising them she would stop by after her 'Heroin Roudtable' in Laconia, NH. A number of the kids were in tears but you know how tough Friday's can be. A couple more weeks of this and she will be offering to host Biden at the Clinton Foundation for his announcement speech. (for health reasons?) gwb

TSB said...

GWB: There was a Heroin Roundtable in New Hampshire??? That does NOT fit with my image of New England. Maybe those grade school kids should migrate themselves to another state.