Friday, March 4, 2016

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

"Man accidentally kills himself while taking photos with gun" - Skaget Valley Herald


Anonymous said...

TSB: You would need more than a gun safety course to do all that multi-tasking. (driving around, shooting at stuff, loading-unloading, taking selfies)

Of course, you're having fun with your girl friend and with the legal marijuana everything is funny. This sort of thing requires military training where you would be told you will be court martialed if you kill yourself this way. It always amazes me how few soldiers fire unloaded guns this way. Whether in or out of the service. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Just saw 'Berne' getting a new haircut in downtown Kansas. The barber says "How do you want it?" Berne says: "You know my style!" I'm thinking that he's still spending that $30 bucks I sent him for haircuts. If he got a contribution instead of giving a tip we could be leveraging this thing. $42 mil in February is pretty good. gwb

Anonymous said...

"Our brains have evolved for us to be social animals."

He added: "What's interesting is that you might assume that the wider exposure to differing views that social media brings would make us all much more open-minded.

"What we see in reality of course is the opposite. People seem more likely to slot into niche groups of thought online than in real life."

TSB: We are starting to see the effect of 'last minute media blasts' on voters and you can see it in the smiles of the 'Cokie Roberts and George Stephanopolous' crowd. I like this 'scientific theory' of the 'Domesticated Brain' and social media turning people into 'niche groupthinkers'. Since last June I've asked hundreds of over 50 types: Ok, election is Tuesday; Who would you vote for. The reaction is always the same: SUSPICION! (That is that sideways look of the eyes when you don't know what group he's in.) ... followed by indecision. These people are all aware of everything but they don't decide til it lines up with their niche circle consensus. They haven't changed a core opinion in forever: Operation Iraqi Freedom continues to excite them just like it did in 2003 when they believed Saddam was responsible for 9/11 and all the WWII analogies.

As long as their are a few choices it's fun for them to shop, but when they have to choose they like to go with the last minute consensus... like I'm with Cokie or I hate Hillary or 'I'm military'. The last infomercial they see is the only one they remember when they pull the lever for that least bad choice. This election will be decided by the war on (you name it) brought to you by White American group think! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: I told you Mexico is getting more 3rd world fast! gwb

This will help Hillary AND Trump but 'Little Marco' swept Puerto Rico with 73%.