Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Bumpy Arrival For SecState Kerry at #10 Downing Street

Video courtesy of the UK Daily Mail.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was on the front steps of 10 Downing Street in London, about to meet with new U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, when he stopped to wave at the crowd.

The man holding the door presumably thought Kerry was going to stay outside and shut the door, just as Kerry turned to step inside.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Who else is covering this story?? Not even the Republicans dare speak a word about this blackmail. Maybe John Kerry will have to go have a talk with Erdogan and negotiate Red Cross visits? gwb


James said...

John Cleese approves of his technique, but believes he needs practice.

TSB said...

I think if anything it's the USAF that's keeping its airmen inside the base until things calm down. From news reports, the base commander asked the U.S. for asylum during the coup but was refused, and some of the F-16s used in the coup were refueled there. Of course the base is high on Erdogan's list for retaliation. It just goes to show, if you strike the King, you must kill him.

James said...

It's also a not so subtle reminder from Erdogan to the US. All this stuff of yours is here in our country (which according to you is a "key" ally etc,etc), we could make your life miserable in a heartbeat. For those who say "the US is vastly more powerful and would crush them" let me posit this. Say Erdogan declares a military emergency, orders Incirlik completely ringed with Turkish SAM positions, not too close, but close enough and and orders the base to cease all operations, the evacuation of all US personnel (under Turkish military protection of course) sans equipment, just what could the US do?

Anonymous said...

Thanks TSB! So, do you think the Pennsylvania cleric will get extradited and then things will return to normal with US activities at the base(s)?

I thought Trump's speech was pretty good last night, especially on the subject of 'not enforcing the laws on immigration', the terrible state of the economy and the 'rigged election system run' by the the party elites. I'm guessing you don't care who gets elected? Jill Stein in the debates would be frosting on the cake for me. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Well, we have our answer! Obama has recommended a blue ribbon commission to study the Guhlen extradition request. Let Hillary sell the old guy down the river! I love Zero Hedge Humor!

We doubt Obama will rush to resolve this issue and will most likely punt it to Hillary Clinton, who takes over in just 4 months. As America knows, the Secretary of State has an admirable record of resolving foreign diplomatic crises. (I'm celebrating the restoration of electric with a chicken pot pie!)

TSB said...

James: The Minister of Silly Walks!! I kick myself for not seeing that.

I don't think Gulen will be extradited, not unless Turkey can come up with a legitimate criminal charge strong enough to overcome the inevitable political asylum request. As for when things will go back to normal at Incirlik, like the song says, that's nobody's business but the Turks.