Friday, November 18, 2016

Can Two Such Different Men Share a Foreign Policy Without Driving Each Other Crazy?

Mitt Romney as Trump's SecState? Seems bizarre, but that oddest of political couples is going to meet tomorrow at Trump's New Jersey golf resort, so we shall see.

Some people like the idea:
By contrast [with Trump's choices for National Security Advisor and Attorney General], choosing Mitt Romney as secretary of State would send a signal of reassurance and resolve to our allies abroad, and would be welcomed by many Republicans as well as Democrats in the Senate and House. Romney would be one of the most highly qualified candidates for any seat in the Cabinet of any president, and would be particularly valuable for America during the presidency of Donald Trump because of his knowledge of the world, experience and policy depth.

But Donald Trump and Mitt Romney?!


Anonymous said...

TSB: Don't be so surprised. Mitt is much more articulate than Trump. 8 months ago he called into the Jimmy Dore Show and layed out his plan.

James said...

It is rumored that one (or both) were humming this:

Anonymous said...

James: Looks like Biden pulled a fast one on Pence! gwb
Trump Slams "Very Rude" Hamilton Cast After VP Pence Booed, Lectured During Show:

Anonymous said...

TSB; James: Everyone is wondering what Chris Christie will do after getting tossed as transition chairman? I had never heard of "The Heavy Horses" but they play my kind of music. Chris could have an acting career in his future taking on 'The Pale Rider' gwb
(No doubt he could "break" a horse!) 3:41

TSB said...

Christie meets with Trump today, one of about six meetings scheduled at the Trump golf resort. His future looks grim.