Friday, December 30, 2016

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

"Winners of camel beauty contest at Al Dhafra Festival crowned" - The National, UAE

The event has earned a prestigious position, both regionally and globally, on the calendar of heritage festivals and contributes to the revival of Arab heritage, said Wam, the state news agency.


James said...

I know of no way to comment on this.

Anonymous said...

TSB:Great Post! This one in the foreground is quite a beauty! And 10 liters of delicious milk is nothing to sneeze at when you are lost in the desert! Do these girls know their way around or do you have to have a group of them?

Camel milk is a staple food of desert nomad tribes and is sometimes considered a meal in and of itself; a nomad can live on only camel milk for almost a month.] Camel milk is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and immunoglobulins;[citation needed] compared to cow's milk, it is lower in fat and lactose,[102] and higher in potassium, iron, and vitamin C.[10]

And if you are good at blood draws like I was 45 years ago, camel's blood is a great renewable source of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Alice, Australia is famous for camel lasagna! They don't mention any prices but I don't think I could afford one. Max Keiser thinks the biggest surprise of 2017 will be the US turning against the Saudi's. Next year Trump could send Anne and Mitt Romney to be a judge at this spectacle! gwb

Anonymous said...

PS: In 2015, 28,000 died from Middle East terrorism, 260,000 died from drought in the horn of Africa and it's expected to be much worse in 2017 because it started in 2011. gwb (UNICEF is going to need a lot more money.TYT)

Anonymous said...

TSB: I'm sitting here watching CNN report on Vermont getting their electric grid hacked by the Russkies while reading this:

Which was found on 1 Burlington Electric Co laptop NOT attached to the grid that was spoofed!
THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING!! gwb (Bernie still hasn't weighed in on this so I am witholding judgement!)

Anonymous said...

TSB: On New Years Eve Pepe Escobar says everything with Russia has flipped:

Putin already cut to the chase – when he spoke at the defense ministry's HQ in Moscow before the holiday season; "We can say with certainty: we are stronger now than any potential aggressor." And he added; "Anyone." This after Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu stressed Russia "for the first time in its history" has fully protected the extensive Russian borders with early warning anti-missile systems.

The Pentagon must be processing the information with extreme seriousness. That means, essentially, that before the S-500s were fully rolled out, Moscow could not but exercise extreme prudence. Now Russian air space seems to be effectively sealed. Putin could not actually admit on the record that Russia is the strongest military power in the world until the rollout of the S-500s is complete. All US offensive missiles and stealth aircraft as it stands are rendered useless. And that does no even take into account nuclear weaponized Russian silent submarines. (How long until Iran and China deploy them too??) gwb

Anonymous said...

Manhunt underway after 39 killed in Istanbul nightclub terrorist attack
TSB: If I was running one of the most popular clubs in Istanbul and USA Intel had specifically warned me of a New Years attack threat I think I would have hired a few plain clothes armed security people to protect all these Erdogan supporting revelers. From what I heard the Ghoulan Cult had heavily infiltrated the Turkish Police over the years and the other power centers as well. Like the Turkish Mafia?? gwb

TSB said...

GWB: The U.S. didn't really warn of that Istanbul attack, it just put out a public general advisory to travelers to avoid large venues on holiday occasions. The news media repeated a confused account of that advisory, and the consulate in Istanbul later corrected them. ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack, but there is no shortage of other suspects and other motives.

Anonymous said...

TSB: just watched Hannity interviewing Assange in London. I think the most amazing election happening of my lifetime was the Wikileaks exposure of the Clinton emails combined with the pathetic response of the media.

After 16 years of "Operation Sand Trap" Destroying the middle east looks like the stupidest thing we ever did. And where is the intel on that Al Baghdadi guy? I think we supposedly killed him 5 times but he's still running the show. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Tensions are high! gwb
Gunman shoots, wounds US consular official in Mexico

Associated Press

Anonymous said...

TSB: I remember in Aug of 2015 (1st Rep debates) General Dempsey was saying "There is no military solution to ISIS." Looks like Putin thought of one! And then tie it up with a nice peace agreement and go home gwb