Friday, January 27, 2017

East Side, West Side

Google Earth screen shot

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CNN had an explainer this week on why moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is so controversial. It covered the 1949 Armistice Line that functions as the border between the East (and Arab) and West sides of the city, the Jerusalem Embassy Act, and the U.S. position up to now. But it overlooked a remarkable geographical oddity about one of U.S. Consulate-General Jerusalem's properties.

If you go to Google Earth and search for "U.S. Consulate Jerusalem" it will lead you to a location at the street address of Number 14 David Flusser Street, in the Arnona neighborhood. That is not actually THE Consulate-General in Jerusalem, but rather a consular annex where visa and American Citizen Services work is conducted. (The State Department's telephone directory and Key Officers List has three separate addresses for CG Jerusalem in different parts of the city, but ignore that for now.)

Make sure the Google Earth 'borders and labels' layer is activated, and you'll see a red line that goes through the CG property in Arnona, and even right through the office building on the property. That is the UN's 1949 Armistice Agreement line that marked the ceasefire between Israeli and Jordanian-Iraqi military forces in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. And, as CNN explained, it operates as the border between East and West Jerusalem. 

Now, of course, I'm not suggesting anything about anything. But I'm surprised no journalist or commentator has pointed out that the CG operates a property in Jerusalem that literally straddles the Armistice Line, and therefore could, maybe, finesse the difference between East and West sides.   


Anonymous said...

TSB: With a kill ratio of 16-1 of bad guys and their families we should have these ISIS guys wiped out in a few weeks at most. And 'Mad Dog'has only been on the job for a couple days!
gwb (and don't forget to take the oil!!)

Anonymous said...

TSB: Another mass shooting, of Muslims in Quebec City! (interesting how police are able to make immediate arrests up there. gwb)
Quebec police confirmed the shooting at a Quebec mosque in a tweet, and police on the scene said there had been fatalities.

"There are many victims ... there are deaths," a Quebec police‎ spokesman told reporters.

A police tweet said there were deaths and injuries and that suspects had been arrested.

"Why is this happening here? This is barbaric,” said the mosque's president, Mohamed Yangui.

Yangui, who was not inside the mosque when the shooting occurred, said he got frantic calls from people at evening prayers. He did not know how many were injured, saying they had been taken to different hospitals across Quebec City.

In June 2016, a pig’s head was left on the doorstep of the cultural centre.

Anonymous said...

TSB: My sources say Bashar Assad is having some problems! gwb (Running a civil war can be very stressful. You just can't trust anyone!)

Speculation Grows That Bashar Assad Has "Suffered A Stroke" As Syria Slams Trump's "Safe Zone" Proposal

Anonymous said...

TSB: It turned out the guy who was found 42 km away was not involved in the shooting in Quebec. Just the guy from Morocco. And the guy from Morocco was a Trump supporter which I guess explains why Trump hasn't mentioned it. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Pepe Escobar weighs in on China's new "secret D-41 nuclear missile" aimed at the US West Coast! (and it will put the Kibosh on Pentagon plans to rule the South China Sea) gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Hillary is a little tight for cash lately so she will be publishing a book of her most famous quotes starting in May. Things like how she has been on both sides of every issue since the 1960's and her brilliant campaign and foreign policy triumphs. I think you can get a fake autographed copy for under $100 and the introduction will be by Chelsea Clinton. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: I saw that Hillary book deal. A book of quotes should be an easy clip job for some researcher to put together, but I wonder why a publisher would bother. None of her recent books have sold.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Looks like those "Russian Hackers" were 3 brothers on the IT staffs of the Democrats who hacked the committee staffs of both parties. I hope they will be punished by having to ride a 'short bus' to Selma with Hillary and Elijah Cummings. gwb

TSB said...

The three brothers lived in a house owned by yet another Capital Hill IT person, and all four of them had financial troubles despite having much higher than normal salaries. A lot more to come on this, I'm sure.