Friday, December 21, 2018

FBI Agent Who Negligently Shot Bar Patron Dances Away From the Law

The moment Special Agent Twinkle Toes negligently fired his dropped Glock 

That FBI agent who dropped his pistol by doing a backflip on the dance floor of a bar in Denver has been sentenced, and to say the judge let him dance away would be an understatement.

The Denver Post has the details:
The FBI agent charged with accidentally shooting a man after doing a backflip on the dance floor at a Denver bar last summer will avoid jail time after pleading guilty Friday to third-degree assault.

Under his deal with prosecutors, Chase Bishop, 30, immediately was sentenced to two years probation. He was also fined $1,200 and ordered to pay restitution to the victim. Denver District Judge Karen Brody cited Bishop’s lack of criminal history in her decision to accept the plea agreement.

Bishop had pleaded not guilty last month to a second-degree assault charge in connection with the June 2 incident.

“My whole goal in life is to care, protect and serve people,” Bishop told the judge on Friday. “I never expected the result of my actions to lead to something like this.”

That is a strangely garbled sentence. The wounding of the bystander was not something which the results of the agent's actions led to. His actions were to drop a pistol in a crowded public venue and then recklessly snatch it up off the floor, in the course of which he snagged the trigger. The result of his actions was to inflict a gunshot wound on a bystander. Those results led to today's remarkably light sentence.
Bishop, who was in Denver on FBI business when the incident occurred, will serve his probation in Georgia. Brody said she could be receptive to ending his probation after one year if Bishop complies with the terms.

“This is a tragic situation,” Brody said after she announced Bishop’s sentence. “It’s a lesson for everyone: How decisions, when you’re not being conscious of what you’re doing, decisions you make carelessly, with negligence, can turn into really serious consequences.

“I think in the future,” she said to Bishop, “you will never make that kind of mistake again.”

I'm not so sure about that. A prison sentence and a stiff fine would make a much bigger impression on Special Agent Bishop, I say, not to mention on any other law enforcement officers who carry while they drink and party. In fact, today's piddling one year probation and $1,600 fine from a judge who sounded apologetic about giving him even that much is more likely to embolden than to deter other negligent gun carriers.
Reddington spoke emotionally Friday about how that one June night at the bar changed his life. He lost his job at the Amazon warehouse. He has chronic pain in his leg. He doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to run again.

“I have done months of physical therapy,” he said. “I have sought counseling. However, being in public, especially seeing law enforcement with guns, makes me very uncomfortable.”

“I’ve done stupid things at bars to impress girls, too,” Reddington said.

Reddington said he didn’t believe Bishop deserved years in jail for what he did.

“The only thing I’m hoping for,” Reddington said, “Is that he doesn’t carry a gun for a long time.”

Mr. Reddington sounds very understanding. But I'll bet none of the stupid things he ever did to impress girls involved negligently shooting someone. Does he really think he got justice from Judge Brody for his chronic pain and loss of employment? I sure don't.


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Skep and James! Matt Taibi has a great piece on the power elites vs Trump today, predicting they will fail. As Joe Thurman comments: Best defense of Trump's presidency I've seen. gwb

James said...

Merry belated Christmas to you too GWB and Skep.

W.Dan Davenport MD said...

TSB: This story makes my day! "TRUMP NOT UP TO THE ROLE OF BEING PRESIDENT" Says John Kelly.

This confirms my opinion all along that none of the "Generals" were able to get it through Trump's head that the Pentagon runs foreign policy in this country and "STATE" runs diplomatic policy with our "ALLIES AND FOES" and the Media runs our Propaganda efforts to control public opinion. (I have no idea what the hell JUSTICE is for other than to destroy Trump and protect the Clintons and the 3 letter agencies who do much of DOD'S dirty work for them.)
Then there are the biggest billionaires who can pour unlimited funds into any election they chose without anyone knowing they are doing it. Great country we have going here. gwb

TSB said...

I thought Gen. Kelly was fine at DHS, since he seemed to have an interest in the southern border from his days at SouthCom, but he was out of place as White House chief-of-staff. That job should be all about implementing the political agenda that got POTUS elected, but he seemed to think it should be non-political. Now, Trump will probably get a wartime consigliere.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I love that video produced by Octavio-Cortez of dancing at Boston College, but here is some dancing that could buy you a nice place in Virginia or anywhere!! gwb

Turns out this guy was not only groomed to become head of the Sinaloa Cartel but also was a secret agent for the DEA and allowed to run the biggest amounts of drugs into LA, Chicago and New York without interference for many years. (Now the deep staters are ready to clean up the Mexico route and switch to the Caribbean-gulf coast route with their NATO pals in Colombia.

Anonymous said...

TSB: "I can confirm that there has been an incident," said a Linke party Release Personal Data On Hundreds Of German Politicians.... and they started with their FB passwords and went on from there. What was it she said? "We can no longer trust the US to protect us?"
Well, if you can't trust Zuckerberg, who you gonna trust? Macron? Sarkozy?
Putin? Maybe just stick to Twitter like Trump. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: I accidently saw that video while trying to watch FM's latest on the Japanese car carrier that burned while heading to Hawaii. FM says that was no car fire; it was an explosion! The whole rear starboard side of the ship is blown out! It looks like that video has also been taken down by the all powerful tubers. gwb I only saw half of it. I saw the "Ace" the last time it sailed down the local river after unloading. It is an impressive ship built in 2009...I mean was.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Ooopsi! It was portside.

Anonymous said...

TSB:My wife was at the airport on her way home from vacation when AMLO showed up. He was taking pictures with everyone who wanted to. She says a very nice "peasant type guy" came up to her and her daughter and said "Come with me if you like and you can have your picture taken with President Obrador." So they did! Pretty cool aye?? gwb

TSB said...

After so many decades of rule by the PRI, AMLO is a whole new deal. Who knows, maybe Mexico is on the way to a better future. Making Mexico Great Again.

Anonymous said...

TSB: (Anti-interventionists not welcome in either party. gwb)