Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Beat a Dead Horse Much?

Yes, she did it. What are you gonna do about it?

Judicial Watch, the activist group that has filed endless FOIA requests about Hillary Clinton, is still hot on the trail, the years-old trail, of Secretary Clinton's use of a personal email server for all of her official business communications, which, obviously, she did for the purpose of evading FOIA and possible public disclosure of her messages.

Judical Watch's masthead says "because no one is above the law!," but you might think they'd know better by now. She got away with it. Don't try this at home. Too big to jail. Different spanks for different ranks. Terms and conditions apply to that bromide about "the law."

But no, on May 9, 2019, Judicial Watch got the retired Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security during Hillary's tenure in office, Eric Boswell, under deposition. It went like this:
Q Okay. Do you know if any of your employees -- any of your immediate staff used personal email to conduct government business?

A I don't know.

Q Did you ever have to deal with that issue during your tenure?

A Yes. The Bureau of Diplomatic Security more than once I think issued reminders to people not to do that.

Q Did you ever --

A In fact, I think the Secretary of State sent one, at least one, Department notice about -- warning people about doing that.

Wow, you caught her, Judicial Watch! She's a total hypocrite. Now what?

Now nothing, except putting the deposition on your website while the rest of us go about our business back here in the year 2019.


Anonymous said...

TSB:Forget 'Shitty' San Fran, New York City Is Facing A Rat Invasion ...lots of news today...Hillary And Chelsea Clinton To Launch Feminist Production Company … and, not to be outdone: "This Is A Black Swan Event": Futures, Peso Tumble As Trump Unleashes Tariffs On Mexico "Until Illegal Immigration Stops" Well, at least I got the garbage out to the curb this morning and shorted the stock market. I'm not sure what a feminist is but I won't be tuning in to find out. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: It's Friday so time for some humor! Hillary Clinton to give keynote speech at cybersecurity summit (yes, really) gwb

(Other contenders include Mariners baseball,"Rocket Man" has 4 top trade officials executed, and Trump fires Mexico!)

TSB said...

Yes, Hillary is still a news maker after all these years and despite those failed campaigns. Media platforms like Netflix are the new investment banks / cash cows for her, so I expect her to be taking meetings in LA for years to come.

Who knows but that the cyber security gig might be a mockumentary first project for that production company. I'd pay to see that.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Biden and Trump faced off for the first time today. Now we know why Biden has the lead so far: Not The Onion: Biden Promises To Cure Cancer If Elected … That is also his version of the "Green New Deal" because we already know from Trump that windmills cause cancer. It's going to be tough deciding between these two. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: All of a sudden the news is reporting that there have been more deaths from a measles outbreak in the DRCongo than from ebola just in the last several weeks. People don't die from the measles that often but the rash from measles is hard to distinguish from Ebola rash. Great video from FM. gwb (20 states currently have measles outbreaks.) If this goes public it will be panic city.

Anonymous said...

TSB: CNN Cuts Away From Bernie Sanders' Speech After He Criticizes "Unfettered Capitalism"... Bernie gave a speech yesterday and CNN covered 9 1/2 minutes of UNTIL: he mentioned the word "capitalism" Joe Biden was covered for a whole hour when he gave a speech on "Making America America again. That is all I hear around town anymore is how excited everyone is about Joe Biden and CNN. (sarc) This election "season" is such a snooze! Happy Fathers Day!

TSB said...

Joe Biden's promise to cure cancer has me thinking. Why did he withhold that offer until now? Did he keep his power to cure cancer a secret from Obama? And why is it conditional upon him winning? Will he refuse to cure cancer if he loses? Isn't that more like an extortion threat than a campaign promise?

As much as I'd like to see cancer cured, I don't think Joe will make it to the White House, or even to the nomination.

Anonymous said...

Hey Skep!! How is Jerry's investigation going? gwblol At one point she refused, Democrats said, to even identify the location of her West Wing office. (That was a closed door hearing for 6 hours??)

TSB said...

Do you mean the Honorable Representative Nadler? He seemed to enjoy himself, and that's what matters. I wouldn't disclose my office location either, or what I had for lunch; when you have executive privilege you have executive privilege all the way.

James said...

I've been thinking it's still a long way to election time. Will the Democrats run out of " free" things to offer.

TSB said...

James - There is no guardrail on the left at the moment. They're all trying to top the others with more free stuff and fewer borders. But, like Kamala Harris, after the nomination, they can back peddle and make a run for the center. It might work.