Monday, March 3, 2008

Additional Charges for Former FSO Gons G. Nachman

The Washington Times had a brief update today (here) about Gons G. Nachman, that Samba-dancing videographer who until last September served as Vice Consul at the U.S. embassy in Brazil. See this post for background.

"Prosecutors are planning to bring additional child-pornography charges against a U.S. diplomat charged with pressuring visa applicants for sex while stationed in Brazil ...... In court papers, prosecutor Ron Walutes said he expects a superseding indictment early this month that will add charges of producing child pornography — charges that carry a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years, unlike simple possession charges, which have a maximum of 10 years and no statutory minimum. Mr. Nachman has pleaded not guilty to the charges, and his defense attorney, public defender Geremy Kamens, has questioned aspects of the government's case."

Interesting that Nachman is using a public defender. Also, the Times had a tidbit that I hadn't seen before, and which explains why Nachman is being held in jail without bond pending his trial: Nachman is a dual-national with citizenship in both the U.S. and Costa Rica, making him a presumed flight risk.

Dual citizenship isn't a bar to being commissioned as a Foreign Service Officer?


Anonymous said...

If you type in "gons nachman" on Google, and read the first few articles as to his behavior when he was a law student, it makes you wonder WHO in our government in their right mind would appoint him as a Vice Counsel to the embassy in Brazil???? Is it more than ironic that he was a VICE Counsel?

TSB said...

I have to assume nothing criminal turned up in his background investigation when he was first appointed. Student nudism wouldn't keep him out of the Foreign Service.

But I am surprised that having dual-citizenship didn't exclude him from getting a security clearance.

Anonymous said...

TSB - I mean would not prohibit anyone, I don't mean you ...

Anonymous said...

TSB - I actually left a first comment which disappeared into the cyberchannels.

Dual nationality does not exclude anyone from becoming an FSO or for getting a sec clearance. In practice though, I don't think State normally send an FSO to the country of his/her second nationality. I say normally because I note that the UN Ambassador was born in Northern Afghanistan but was ambassador there from 2003-2005 (If I'm not mistaken). So as a rule maybe, dual nationals do not get to serve in their second country of nationality but perhaps a different matter applies to non-career appointees. I am speculating here.

Anonymous said...

sex with under age children:

20 at 30 years in prision.
The cultural argument dont have any value

Sabrina said...

This man should be achamed of what he says!
Excuse my english, but i'm a brasilian girl that never take a language curse...
In BRazil if he is convicted to jail he will be turn into the new "bitch" around!
Brasilian men who do that are not only judge by the tribunal, but by the hole society and by his mates on cell.
In Brazil we do have a very diferent relationchip about talking sex than in United States. But our rules are the same!
And we fight every day against men like him, that for some distortion in their character, believe that is normal having sex with a child!
It's sick!
And his place is in jail whatever country he lives!!!

Sabrina, age 22, Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil

Anonymous said...

You are correct: This person should be convicted to the full twenty years.

I met him once and he was pretty enthusiastic with brazilian woman. This young woman that was in his company doesn´t speak english and I´d not be surprised if she wasn´t aware of all accusations he is being charged.

Her family is not rich and she is not much more than a fool lost idiot manipulated by G. Nachman and his laywer.