Thursday, March 27, 2008

Colonel 'Goose' Recalls Flying Hillary to Bosnia

Senator Hillary Clinton's mis-remembered account of her dramatic landing in Bosnia has already been contradicted by so many sources that to add one more at this point would be piling on. But why not?

The U.S. Air Force officer who was in command of the C-17 on which Hillary and her party flew into Air Base Eagle in 1996 has now given a radio interview. Colonel William 'Goose' Changose (retired) doesn't remember the day exactly the same way Hillary does (or did, until this week). There was no corkscrew approach, no ground fire, no dashing into vehicles, etc. And he never saw anyone siting on their flak jacket except in Apocalypse Now.

I particularly enjoyed this remark from the sardonic Colonel:

Audio recording of Hillary: “I was the first high profile American to go to Bosnia after the Dayton Peace Accords

Goose: "Well, except for the President and the Secretary of Defense, but yeah, besides those two..."

Like they say, fairy tales start with “once upon a time” and war stories start with “there I was.”

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