Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Next Bahraini Ambassador to USA Might be a Jewish Woman

The King of Bahrain is surprisingly broadminded in his diplomatic appointments. According to today's Washington Times story:

"The kingdom of Bahrain, an overwhelmingly Muslim country, is preparing to appoint a Jewish woman as ambassador to the United States, according to reports from the island nation in the Persian Gulf."

"A spokeswoman for the Bahraini Embassy in Washington yesterday said she could not confirm the report because the king has not yet announced a replacement for [current Ambassador] Mr. Belooshi. Several foreign-policy experts here said they think that her appointment would mostly likely make Mrs. Nonoo the first Jewish diplomat representing an Arab nation."

Geographically, Bahrain is just 26 kilometers away from Saudi Arabia across the handy King Fahd Causeway, but it's a world apart in other ways.

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