Monday, April 21, 2008

What Happens in the Congo, Stays in the Congo

Two new comments were sent today to this post about Gons Nachman. First, we get some new information:

Anonymous [#1] said...
I know from visa official contacts that Nachman got the "fiancee" a visa in San Jose in January by mis-representing himself as an FSO on leave between assignments (when he was already suspended and under investigation). If she really is his "fiancee" he should have applied for a K visa for fiances, and as a visa officer he knew that. He committed visa fraud at least 3 ways in helping her to get a visa -- and that's called alien smuggling. She should never have been granted a visa because she was applying outside her home country, but of course, she couldn't get one there because he'd already been caught.

And two hours later we hear from a defender of Nachman:

Anonymous [#2] said...
I know Mr Nachman for many years, I think he is one of the most decent human beings that I know. The alleged crimes did not happen in the USA, but in CONGO where the age of consent is 14. Mr. Nachman simply had consentual sex. in CONGO. And he documented the encounters in pictures and videos. As for his fiancé, she comes from a wealthy family and also she is a law student. The truth is that they traveled to Costa Rica to get engaged.

This story is just getting better and better. If the marriage plans progress - and I hope they will - I promise to open a gift registry at the prison commissary in the Federal Correctional Institution where Nachman will do his time.

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