Friday, April 10, 2009

Hillary Announces a $5-a-Ticket Fundraiser

After triple-checking to make sure this isn't a delayed April Fools Day joke, I give you yesterday's Washington Post story on Hillary Clinton's latest plan to retire her $5.4 million campaign debt:

You might have thought that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had retired her $6 million presidential campaign debt a long time ago. Apparently not, judging from an e-mail we got from Hillary Clinton for President announcing a lottery -- only $5 a ticket -- and offering as prizes a day with Bill Clinton in New York, a trip to the "American Idol" finale in Los Angeles or a flight here for you and a guest for a tour of D.C. with political operatives and commentators James Carville and Paul Begala.

The last prize makes me curious. Are there really people who would pay $5 for the chance to hang out with Carville and Begala? It takes all kinds, I guess.

I don't know why Hillary bothers with fund-raisers in the first place. Can't she just make a quick $5.4 million investing in cattle futures again?

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