Thursday, September 30, 2010

Family Transportation

As I roll around the streets of [REDACTED] I've been counting how many people will fit on the motorbikes that make up at least half of the vehicles on the roads of this South Central Asian city. I call them motorbikes because they're not really motorcycles, just bicycle-looking deals with maybe 200cc engines.

I've seen two, three and four people on a bike, but my favorite is the family transportation scenario: a three or four year-old child sitting on the handlebars, the father driving, an older kid behind the father, and then the mother, who is riding side-saddle and holding a baby on her back.

If you tried that in the States, you would probably be arrested for child endangerment. But, l have to say it looks like fun.


Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake said...

When I visited India on a study program in college, our student group had a running competition for who could get a picture of the largest family on a motorbike. The winner was eight, with the preteen in front of the father carrying a toddler, and the mother with a twin under each arm, each of whom was holding a baby. It's a good thing Bangalore traffic rarely gets above a brisk walking pace.

TSB said...

A twin under each arm, and each twin holding another kid!! Fantastic!!

I can't imagine what kind of extended family the Indians could pack into a minivan.

A Daring Adventure said...

This week's State Department Blog RoundUp is up- and you're on it!

Have a great weekend!

Connie said...

I've seen scenes like that... amazing when you'd have the whole family, plus livestock, hanging on to such a tiny little machine... what scared me the most (well, other than tiny babies in the mess) was ladies with their scarves and long veils flying about to possibly get caught by other cars or who knows what. yikes!

TSB said...

Connie, you're right, the long scarves and saris on the women add a whole new level of difficulty. l'm amazed to not see any accidents so far.