Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 237th, U.S. Army

The Army goes rolling along

My favorite government institution is 237 years old today. That's one more than the United States itself, because our nation's senior military service is the only national army that predates the founding of the nation it serves. I like that.


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It's a good thing this country is so rich TSB, otherwise Cowlitz County (The poorest in Wash. state) would never be able to afford this puppy! They will probably have to lay off half a deputy just to gas it up. Thanks Homeland Security for this $250,000 upgrade! Bring on the Taliban! gwb

Anonymous said...
TSB: Although I am about as religious as my cat this story warms my kind heart. I never knew any muslims til the last few years but I like them. gwb

TSB said...

I've known quite a few Muslims, mostly overseas. Having an honest regard for their religious faith, I say, they can never be fully compatible with any society that is not based on the Koran and sharia law. No Muslim living in the USA prefers the U.S. Constitution to the Koran, although some may say otherwise out of political discretion.

This is not a problem so long as they are here in small numbers, but mass immigration of Muslims means Muslim police officers, judges and jurors, soldiers (Maj. Hassan), school board members, and of course voters and politicians. We've already seen loyalty problems with Muslim police and FBI agents. Wait until we have our first Muslim U.S. Senator.

When we import Muslims, we get creeping sharia-ism as part of the deal.

TSB said...

GWB: Bearcats? Sweeeet! It's about time the scofflaws in Cowlitz County got taken down Fort Lewis/Stryker style!

I'm afraid it will be a long, long, time before the GWOT works its way out of the law enforcement system.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Your experience of muslims is a much bigger sample and mostly foreign. I've only known a handful of (local) politicians. (ie they are very rare)

And which of those "beltway bubble" politicians do you think believe in the constitution?? Juan Cole is a good example of what I'm talking about. His comments on Egypt lately have been very illuminating. (Like the military leadership there is paranoid)

We agree that law enforcement is morphing into a military arm. gwb