Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Queen's 60th Is The Stones' 50th (Because Time Is On Their Side)

It hit me by surprise to realize The Stones will soon launch a 50th Anniversary Tour.

That clip is from 1964, which is two years after The Stones started playing together. Those guys are seriously old now. And my parents probably let me stay up to watch that back then, which tells you about me.

Fun fact: the youngest of The Stones was older than the oldest of The Beetles. And yet, they're still working.

This pleases me, since The Stones were every boy's favorite group back then. The Beetles were strictly for the girls.


Anonymous said...

TSB: In 1964 I was playing with "The Castaways" folk trio. Our leader went on to play in "The Brothers Four". They too are still working! In 1963 we played with "The Chad Mitchell Trio" who had a new guy not yet named John Denver. He would still be working too if he hadn't crashed his plane. I had no clue who the Rolling Stones were back then.

TSB said...

That's great! The Chad Mitchell Trio rings a bell; I think I must have seen them on American Bandstand or another of those after-school TV music programs.