Friday, October 11, 2013

In America, You Break Law. In Putin's Russia, Law Breaks You

Check out the last ten seconds of NPR's interview with Thomas Drake, the NSA whistle-blower and drama queen, about his visit with Edward Snowden in Moscow: View of Snowden's Exile Life.

Drake said that Snowden chose "to escape the United States to have any chance at all of retaining his freedom and liberty."

Um-hum. He left out the part about how Snowden is retaining his freedom and liberty in Russia, as a guest of Vladimir Putin.  

Oh, yeah ... freedom and liberty ... coming right up!

Well, enough levity. Here's a much more realistic appraisal of Snowden's life in Russia:
“This interesting fish has swum into our nets of its own accord and it would be unthinkable of our special services to miss this rare chance to talk to a U.S. defector,” said Alexei Kondaurov, a retired general of the Soviet-era intelligence service.

Young Mr. Snowden will be enjoying Putin's freedom and liberty for a long time to come, I think.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Well, you told us so back then and that is exactly what has happened! That was the first of a series of moves by Lavrov and Putin that now have us ready to reduce sanctions on Iran and allow Pakistan to get it's gas pipeline from Iran and on to china and India?

Plus cooperation in Syria and all driving the Saudi's nuts. And did you see Hillary in London calling for an adult conversation about surveillance?
(whatever that is) and
Malala Yousafszai? lecturing Obama on drone strikes, freedom, liberty and women's rights!
I wish 10% of the people calling C-span this week had her ability to speak english. I bet she can even pronounce Nukulir. Great post! gwb

James said...

Yes Barack, I'm looking at you.

Anonymous said...

TSB: BSJoe doesn't want to be in any campaign commercials on this one. (He's more of a 'gun control' guy and foreign policy export..I mean expert) gwb

TSB said...

The complete disappearance of Joe Biden is really starting to worry me. His face should be on milk cartons by now.

Seriously, I'm thinking he might be ill. Has anybody seen him in public?

Anonymous said...

He has been in all the recent meetings and is spending the weekend with Jill at Camp David TSB. gwb

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Lawless" TSB juancole notes that STATE is giving COMMERCE the job of opening up the arms spigot so we can tame the lawless lands of the the biggest country of them all; AFRICA!

Book your trip to Somalia now!! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Since when is a parking ticket a tax? (hint..since we owe
$5 million worth to the London mayor) I would have called a tow truck. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: This morning the President is giving the congressional medal of honor to a soldier who saved his guys in a Logar province attack.

At the same time the governor of Logar province was blown to pieces by a bomb planted before a ceremony about a new school. Probably they missed it with that
magic bomb detector. At least the US officials were smart enough to stay away. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Hillary got Bin Ladin!...and Biden thought it was too risky. Plus she wants more healthy choices at your local mini mart! No wonder Joe is hiding out at Camp David! gwb

TSB said...

GWB: I'm relieved that know that Biden is still alive, but I'll need to see him on live TV to be really satisfied that he's back. It's so unlike him to be out of sight!

That $5 million we won't pay to the city of London is accrued congestion charges for driving in certain parts of downtown during peak hours. Our embassy is located in one of those zones, so we can't avoid driving there, a lot. We consider that a tax, and therefore something our diplomats are exempt from under international protocols. London considers it a fee, like a bridge toll, which we do have to pay under those protocols. They can't arrest our staff or seize our vehicles (diplomatic privileges extend to "the transport" of the mission as well as its staff and facilities) so its a standoff. Hillary has to pay her ticket, however; or more likely, some Secret Service agent does.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Biden is a campaign guy. This is serious demagoguery! You have to stick to your talking points. They may have to throw him in there to work things with Mitch if this thing goes towards the end of the month. (That would be right after Obama announces no food stamps next month and DC goes under martial law and they start shooting the mountain lions.) gwb

TSB said...

GWB: It looks now like the congress will do a deal tomorrow. The Senate has scheduled a session tomorrow morning, and a continuing resolution might pass the House by tomorrow night.

Next feeding frenzy: The news media discovers Obamacare enrollment is an unmitigated disaster.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I'm looking for one last dramatic flourish in this. That would be the house republicans folding on everything (with some construct to get things back to regular order)and sending the senate a bill that requires congress and staff to take Obamacare without a subsidy.

That would make Harry fume and make Cruz look a lot better. I haven't heard any C-span callers defend the congressional exemption. gwb