Monday, March 3, 2014

Black Ice, OPM, and Barn Coats

The outside air temperature is 23 degrees as I write this, at 7 PM Monday, but it will drop into the single digits overnight. My particular just-outside-the-Beltway neighborhood is forecast to hit zero degrees at 6 AM.

Given the certainty of hazardous driving conditions tomorrow, I predict a greater than 50 percent likelihood that the Office of Personnel Management will announce a delayed opening and unscheduled leave for government offices in Washington.

I put the likelihood of a government closure at no more than 10 percent, currently. But that would go up if area metro systems have any weather-related shutdowns - always a possibility - or if highway departments ask OPM to help alleviate traffic problems.

For me, the upside of these cold weather work days is that I can ditch the usual business clothes and go to the office in hiking boots and a manly barn coat. Makes it all worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

TSB: I feel your pain with the winter weather. At least you know where your boots and coat are.

These are exciting times with all the 'crisis diplomacy' going around
and Rachel Maddow has just announced that on Thursday she's gonna air the documentary of the year: Why We Did It. For the first time we will know why we invaded Iraq! My guess... as it was 10 years ago is that it was Cheney's plan to steal all the oil. I think somebody finally leaked a document or two. Get ready for some 'shocked and amazed' politicians!gwb

TSB said...

GWB: I have a standing engagement on Thursday nights, so I'll have to miss Why We Did It. But then, if the reason why was all that interesting,wouldn't Snowden have leaked it by now?

Anonymous said...

LOL TSB: Here is a great post on the US plan for Ukraine by the former Indian Ambassador Bhadrakumar:

I like this from the closing: "The right thing to do for Obama is to put the neocon lobby in its due place and to rein in the powerful ‘Russia hands’ in the US foreign-policy establishment who are running the policies for their laid-back president.
Nuland is a protege of Madeline Albright — and of Moldovan extraction to boot" gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: I think the stuff just got leaked and Maddow had to strong arm MSNBC to reveal it (as she claims). That would be interesting to know if the NSA ever spied on Cheney
and what they knew about weapons of mass destruction...probably to be revealed soon. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: As the old TV show said, "the truth is out there."