Friday, March 28, 2014

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline Of The Week

"Arkansas mom arrested for breastfeeding after drinking alcohol" Dateline: Toad Suck, Ark. (WABC)


Anonymous said...

TSB: This post just boggled my mind.
I'll try it again after a glass of wine but I did find this bit of research. MC Hammer is going to be one of the attractions this year at 'Toadsuck Daze'. That could be good and they are tryin to get Joe Biden to do a women's rights thing.

Anonymous said...

ok TSB, I had a glass of wine and then gazed at the camel gazing at the needle. I'm no art critic but I find it a bit'cartoonish'. But since
camel's milk is more nutritious and digestible for babies than cow's milk it would make a good booth item at 'Toadsuckdaze'. Be sure to boil it though or you could get 'Malta Fever' and start talking like Kerry! gwb