Thursday, July 3, 2014

He's The Music Man (Certainly, Boys)

Professor Harold Hill, the early years

Clinton, the Musical is running on Broadway this month. Okay, Bill Clinton makes a perfect Harold Hill, grifter extraordinaire who goes where the people are as green as the money. That's a tired old trope by now.

So, if they really must re-do The Music Man yet again, I wish they'd go with this version:


pixiewonk said...

Slightly off topic...please, no more remakes of The Music Man---how could anything or anyone top little Ronnie Howard singing "The Wells Fargo Wagon?" Worst thing that ever happened to my friends and family was WF opening branches in DC...who can drive by without bursting into song???

TSB said...


I must admit I usually can't watch musicals, but I did watch a lot of The Music Man when my wife was rehearsing for a community theater production. And yes, Ronnie Howard was pretty amazing; he gave kid actors a good name back then.

Nomads By Nature said...

This made my morning! Thanks!!

TSB said...


My pleasure!