Saturday, July 12, 2014

Did the 2013 Shutdown Cause a Temporarily Bloated Government Workforce?

I am dubious about this story, but it is being reported that the Government Shutdown May Have Caused a DC Area Baby Boom:
The 2013 government shutdown, which lasted from Oct. 1 to Oct. 16, was the cause of a lot of anxiety in the D.C. area.

With so many government workers living in the District, Maryland and Virginia, thousands were anxious about falling behind on bills while they weren’t receiving paychecks. We now have an idea of what they may have done to soothe their nerves.

July 1 marked exactly 9 months since many government workers in the area were sent home for more than two weeks as Congress argued about the nation’s finances.

WNEW’s Kimberly Suiters reports that Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington has seen an additional 100 babies born in the last three months compared to that time period in 2013.

Sibley Hospital in Northwest D.C. has seen three more babies than normal per day this month.

I'm not convinced. First of all, while it may be true that "many" government workers were anxious during the so-called government shutdown, in fact only 30 percent of them weren't paid during that period. Most of them continued to work and get paid as usual. So why would they need to soothe their nerves the inside-the-belt way? I mean, any more often than usual?

Of course, during the government 'shutdown' we were unable to spend all day and night watching the National Zoo's Giant Panda cam, as usual. So maybe my bored fellow feds were tappin' dat body politic to fill the otherwise empty hours.

Or, maybe it was that the resolution of the budget impasse unleashed a wave of unrestrained joy among Washington civil servants? Like V-E Day, only much smaller and localized? 



Anonymous said...

Wait, so you're saying that staring at Panda Cam relieves sexual frustration? Does that work for anybody or does gummint service do something to the noggin?

The cheesy Sledge is an inspired touch. Thanks TSB!


TSB said...


It's just a theory I'm throwing out to account for the mini baby boom, but it might be that the Panda Cam was a huge time-waster, and when it went dark gov't employees finally had time for a normal sex life.

But then, that would mean we're back to wasting vital booty call time again now that the cam is back up.

On second thought, I now prefer to think that it was the 2013 Rolling Stones tour of DC that got the local bureaucrats all Start Me Up (I'll Never Stop).

TSB said...

One more thing: I agree about the great Percy Sledge. He's mostly know for When A Man Loves A Woman, but I think that one has been done to death. His other stuff is just as good. I've been humming Bring It On Home all day.

James said...

People are being screwed in Washington D. C.!?!?!! This just can not be!

James said...

Try this version:

Anonymous said...

TSB: John Kerry is making Hillary look like a loafer! After bringing in the UN to solve the election crisis in Afghanistan he flew to Vienna to explain to the Germans why our operation there is a nest of spies. I hear he's planning a Blues album for later this summer with Angela Merkel! gwb

TSB said...

Kerry is just a blur of motion. I have no idea where he'll show up next.

The caption contest is a great idea. I'll have to think up one that ends with "stay thirsty, mes amis."

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "a blur of motion" how about all these posts by TSB? My sources say Kerry's 2016 campaign slogan will be: "I cleaned up Hillary's messes, Now let's clean up Obama's!!" gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: I don't know if Sec. Kerry has heard about the airport takeover in Tripoli yet but Reuters says 90% of the planes were destroyed and the control tower too. Once he takes care of Gaza I expect he will head there to get that turned around. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: It's a sad business in Libya, even if it did seem pretty inevitable. The UN has pulled out, and the parliament has moved from Tripoli to Benghazi.

I'm afraid the situation is even beyond Kerry's considerable powers of drive-by diplomacy.

It's enough to give the 'let's overthrow a crazy dictator in favor of we-don't-know-what-will-follow' theory of foreign relations a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Kerry says Libya violence is dangerous, U.S. working to end it

No TSB! He's already on it from Vienna. The French are willing to go but they want the Suez Canal too.