Saturday, March 21, 2015

She'll Have Fun, Fun, Fun, Until the FEC Takes Her Donors Away

Fun? Is that really the last word Hillary wants to leave Americans with before she stops doing paid talks and makes her presidential campaign official?

I realize that her lame remark about fun camps for adults was just Hillary pandering to a paid audience of the New York and New Jersey Tri-State CAMP Conference. But still, doesn't she have an adviser with enough sense to steer her away from that image? It clashes with the Hillary Rodham Clinton that we all know and - some - love.

Hillary Clinton: the party-hearty Fun Candidate for 2016? No. That does not work for her.

The "fun camp" stuff came up during Hillary's Q&A with Jay Jacobs, host of the event. Jacobs is a camp director himself but, much more pertinently, is also the chairman of the Nassau County, Long Island, Democratic Party and a member of the Democratic National Committee's credentialing committee. Obviously, then, the "fun camp" stuff was far from extemporaneous. Hillary intended to do that.

Self-awareness. Does she have any?

Once HRC finally announces her candidacy, the Federal Election Commission rules on campaign cash might ruin some of her fun.


James said...

To Hillary:

TSB said...

James: Hillary and the Clinton Foundation rarely have cause to sing that. "Hillary and The Clinton Foundation" does sound like a good name for a garage band, though.

James said...

Actually Skep it's a song from all us schlubs to Hillary, Obama, and the Dems in general.

TSB said...

James: She won't ask you for money, but then, she doesn't have to ask when she gets campaign matching funds. Everyone ends up working for The Clinton Foundation eventually.

Anonymous said...

TSB: About all we need to know about Hillary's relationship with the press. They love her and she doesn't have to give em the time of day. gwb

TSB said...

GWB: It's great to see an example of unconditional love. We'll have many more such opportunities as 2015 goes by.