Saturday, March 14, 2015

Submitted for Your Approval

"So much America right now."

And how. Where else in the world could you grill bacon on a fully automatic weapon? Or even think up the concept of grilling bacon on a fully automatic weapon?

YouTube guy, I salute you.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Submitted for your approval: gwb

TSB said...

That's very generous of the U.S. taxpayer to guarantee those bonds. I'm sure the Ukrainians are grateful.

The "US-inspired coup to put the Muslim Brotherhood in power" left me scratching me head. They got themselves into power by wining half the seats in Parliament in the 2012 election. When was there a coup, other than the one that dissolved Parliament and ousted the MB from power?

Anonymous said...

TSB: After Poroshenko blows that $17 billion we are all going to have the 'workin man blues'. gwb

James said...

On the Ukraine bond guarantee: They'll just steal as much of it as they can before they figure it's time to vamoose.