Thursday, April 16, 2015

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

""Mother-of-three who 'dropped her son in a cheetah pit' ... is a CHILDCARE WORKER" - Daily Mail

"On Monday, a spokesman for KinderCare, a nationally-acclaimed education, care and resource provider, confirmed Schwab has taken a leave of absence from her management role at one of the centers in Columbus, Ohio."


James said...

I wonder if KinderCare is having field trips to the local zoo? And if so, are they asking for parental permission?

TSB said...

And chaperones, and safety harnesses. And a big game hunter with maybe a .300 Winchester Magnum for overwatch.

Anonymous said...

TSB: This is going to get pretty interesting in a day or two when Iran and the Saudi's start shooting. gwb

TSB said...

They probably won't come to blows, but if they do, the Saudis are NOT into surgical strikes. They're using 2,000-pound bombs. Press reports say that around 1,500 targets have been hit so far. How can an underdeveloped place like Yemen even have 1,500 things worth bombing?

James said...

Since we back Iran (in Iraq) with air power and we back Saudi Arabia (in Yemen) with intel and logistics (refueling) and the two are declared enemies, the US is about to declare a new game changing policy.
In the near future the US will start bombing itself (with precision weaponry of course) to facilitate John Kerry as he scurries down the "road forward" in search of a frame work to stability and mutual respect for all (or anyone left alive) in the region.

James said...

"confirmed Schwab has taken a leave of absence" very kind of her after taking leave of her senses.