Sunday, January 3, 2016

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

He got it to 88 mph but was too lazy to build a time machine first

"Man trying to time travel plows car into Florida businesses" - KOMO News Pensacola


Anonymous said...

TSB:James; Is it just me or does Atlanta have a double standard when it comes to running naked around their luxury hotels? (Remember the Navy Admiral in Florida?)

And does anyone know what a 'buckhead' is? or is that false advertising? I'm assuming no charges were filed against 'the ladies'. Is this terrorism or workplace violence? Maybe Bill Clinton can address this when he gets to Georgia. gwb

TSB said...

Buckhead is a fancy(er) suburb of Atlanta. I think I've also noticed a trend in naked-running-around-in-public stories.

James said...

RE: Running around naked. Though as a rule not a popular pastime above 32deg north, there are pockets where it is considered quite fashionable (DC as one example) due mainly to religious and political beliefs.

Anonymous said...

But TSB, I wanted to see mugshots or a perp walk to dispel my suspicions of a coverup. gwb