Friday, May 19, 2017

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

"Yemenis compete for AK-47 in al Qaeda quiz" - Reuters

"Name three articles of the (Yemeni) constitution which contradict Islamic Law," read one on a sheet seen by Reuters ... "Any person who follows a law other than Islamic law is an infidel who must be killed. List three (scriptural) references for this," asked another. The first prize was a Chinese-made AK-47, the second a motorcycle and the third a laptop. Others included a pistol and cash prizes of 20,000 rials ($80).


Anonymous said...

TSB: Whadda Week! Chelsea Manning released, Charges dropped on Assange, Mumbling Joe Lieberman to be FBI director and Bernie Sanders condemns Trump by saying of Bush: "I didn't agree with his policies but he was just being a conservative". And Bush appointee to investigate
Trump/Comey ruckus. Step Right Up and Get Your Tickets! See the man with the flying hair wrestle the dancing bear! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Jimmy Dore has the rundown on Lieberman's
career handling Trump's legal problems and lying about almost everything. Pretty well done. gwb
(I thought Joe was an I, but now he's a D again.)

TSB said...

Lieberman does mumble a lot, doesn't he? I can't see him as FBI Director, but then, it seems there's been a Lieberman-sized hole in Washington ever since he went away. McCain and Graham need their third Amigo back.