Saturday, June 30, 2018

Most Head Shakingly Bad Thing of the Week

A child fired a loaded gun he found in a couch at IKEA; Owner hadn't realized gun had fallen out of pants


Anonymous said...

TSB: Juan Cole on the President's inner circle: It isn’t just a matter of politics making for strange bedfellows. The tens of thousands of dollars in fees that Rudy Giuliani, John Bolton and other Trump intimates have taken from the People’s Jihadis makes them more or less employees of this terrorist organization.
Even Nancy Pelosi has come out for the People’s Jihadis.
It is the damnedest thing. (This same group used to blow up children on school buses while being protected by Saddam Husein) gwb Of course, the big question today is can Mexico beat Brazil ?

TSB said...

Rep. Patrick Kennedy is another one who speaks at People's Muj. of Iran events. I guess they all figure it's fine so long as the Muj only attacks the Iranian regime (anymore).