Saturday, October 16, 2010

Googly Goggling

A Daring Adventure's post earlier today made me go to Google Analytics and look up the search terms that have led visitors to my blog. It's a motley list.

Most frequently searched term: Gons Nachman, or variations such as Gons G. Nachman, Gons Nachman bio, Congo Gons Nachman, and Gons Nachman naturalist. Hardly a day goes by without someone searching for ol' Gons. I guess those people might be searching for some other Gons Gutierrez Nachman, but the one they find here is the former FSO and Vice-Consul who is currently serving a twenty-year sentence in U.S. Federal prison. Why so much interest? It's been over two years since I last posted anything about that reprobate. Maybe he has a fan club of old girlfriends or something.

Second most frequently searched term: united forever in friendship and labor. That is the opening line of the national anthem of the Soviet Union, which I once posted something about. At least once a week since then some Commie lover of patriotic music has arrived at my blog.

Third most frequently searched term: Unabomber's reading list, or variations such as books found in Unabomber's cabin, Unabomber list of books, and Secret Agent Conrad Unabomber. How many hits do you suppose I might get if I blogged about Gons Nachman and the Unabomber sharing a cell and listening to the Soviet national anthem while they read their favorite books?

Other search terms that I see a few times a month include U.S. government pen, Kendall Myers, and Foreign Affairs Security Training Center.

Quite a few people search for things like embassy design concept, location NEC [New Embassy Complex] U.S. Embassy Dakar Senegal, and secret construction projects at U.S. embassy. Sorry to disappoint, but if construction projects are secret, then obviously they aren't blog-able. That's what Wikileaks is for.

Some one-off search terms that I liked:

Boss bureaucrat - I wish I'd used that name

General Dozier wife bound - possibly from a sado-masochistic researcher of Red Brigade kidnappings

Shakespeare being Irish - there are many Shakespeare theories, but that's a new one on me

Summary of Greenblatt's essay resonance and wonder - an excellent work on museum design by someone who has written about Shakespeare; possibly related to the above search term?

Spanked by Mrs. Crawford - I have no idea what that's about, but I did once use the word "spanked" in the title of a post about Jared Cohen

What do conservatives think about Jared Cohen - beats me (not a reference to Mrs. Crawford, I just mean I don't know what conservatives think about @JaredCohen)

And lastly, possibly the oddest search term of all - Where do you join the most dangerous branch of the Peace Corps? That Peace Corps wannabee badly misses the whole point of the thing.


A Daring Adventure said...

Okay- so here's how this went down.

I'm on one end of the living room (on a computer) and James is at the other end (on a computer). We're both studying Chinese. Him more intently.

I dabble around on the internet and -YAY! TSB has updated! So I tell James and within half a second we're both on the TSB blog, laughing ourselves silly over Gons' old girlfriends, the Soviet national anthem, Wikileaks and Mrs. Crawford's spankings.

I *love* looking at search terms. And I must admit that your awesome, kooky, out-there search terms beat mine!

TSB said...

I'd love to see what search terms result in hits on various blogs. Might be a good Friday Round-up theme.

The Snake's Mommy said...

My best search terms ever: "Family Guy elevator muzak". Not that funny, except that the source was the U.S. Treasury.

You've been fairly hilarious lately, TSB. Thanks much for the many grins.

TSB said...

Snake's Mommy,

You make me realize how I've done many Google searches for "Family Guy BBC English guys" (looking for a place to download a bit where the Family Guy is dumbstruck by the bizarre places, names, and accents he's hearing on the BBC World Service).

That might have had somebody scratching his head.

The Snake's Mommy said...

TSB-- My most frequent hits, day after day, are "emusic scam" because I once blogged about how I got the BBB to quit the fraud they are still perpetuating months? years? after I documented my case. So if nothing else, I made the blogosphere a mildly better place by telling other emusic victims how to fix their problem. That makes me proud. Not as amusing as helping Treasury download Death Star elevator muzak, but hey. I cope. :-)