Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anna Chapman Will Now Solve The World's Most Complicated Mysteries

Anna Chapman, the live action version of Natasha Fatale, has found gainful employment as the host of a new Russian television series, the UK Daily Mail reports:

Vladimir Putin better set his digital recorder!

Russian spy and Putin favourite Anna Chapman still shuns questions about her years undercover in the United States, but starting next week she'll uncover other mysteries on Russian television.

A spokeswoman for REN-TV, a private nationwide channel, announced that Chapman will host a new weekly television show that allows her 'to use all her talents to solve the world's most complicated mysteries.'

The show has been christened 'Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman'.

-- snip --

She has just gained a leading position in the Young Guard (Molodaya Gvardiya), the youth wing of the United Russia party which dominates the country’s politics — and is headed by prime minister Vladimir Putin.

After returning from America in July last year, she and her fellow spies enjoyed a cosy evening with Mr Putin, singing Russian patriotic songs and swapping tales of undercover work.

Oh yeah, Putin will be TIVOing that.

Chapman's plea deal with the U.S. Department of Justice includes a 'no profit' clause that would make it difficult for her to gain by a book or movie deal about her experience in the United States, so her ability to exploit her notoriety is pretty much limited to cheesy TV and photo spreads.

Which brings me to this most complicated mystery that I wish she would solve - how did they get her into that outfit?


Ando said...

Intentionally done or not, it's amusing to see the second photo with the subtitle of "Hard At Work While Comfortably Attired."

TSB said...

Totally unintentional! ROTFL

Anonymous said...

Baby powder.

TSB said...

I was imagining some kind of shrink-wrapping process. Baby powder sounds much more comfortable.