Thursday, January 13, 2011

Now That You Mention It ....

.... why, yes, I have been threatened because of my job. And so have you.

The WaPo has asked this question:

Have you, as a government worker - or someone you know - ever been threatened because of your job? Do you feel safe in the workplace?

Please e-mail your answer to and include your full name, home town and the agency for which you work. We might include your response in Friday's Washington Post. When answers are particularly sensitive, we will consider a respondent's request to withhold full identification.

I'm sure they were thinking of domestic government workers, but hey, why not reply and let them know what it means to really be threatened because of your job? It could be a very long list.


The Snake's Mommy said...

Had I been genuinely threatened, would I be volunteering this info to an email address at random? How silly! I predict highly skewed and highly fictional results.

Why not poll non-gummint workers too?

I used to disclose to strangers that I ghostwrote math and science textbooks until I decided that the boiling hatred from 2/3 of people wasn't worth it. Then I learned to lie. In near every career, some segment of the populace thinks you chose the career for your innate sadism/ perversity. And somewhere on the internet now is their tribe justifying their hatred.

TSB said...

Yes, the results are not going to be worthwhile, other than for the WaPo to mine a few anecdotes.

On the other hand, a good public-private comparative study could be eye-opening. Since people spend so much of the day in the workplace, that’s where lots of violence occurs, especially the kind that’s displaced from domestic life (stalkers know where you’ll be from 9 to 5).

Becky said...

It is time for the Weekly State Department Blog Round Up and you are on it!

It is found here:

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