Monday, June 6, 2011

On The Road Again

And I'm off for a week or two of TDY, during which I will subject myself to flights of over 14 hours in economy class, at great risk to my physical and mental well-being.

I'm not taking a computer with me, in order to lighten the load in my carry-on bag. I find I can stay in touch pretty well by using an old Palm T/X to catch free Wi-Fi signals in coffee shops. I'll read the Weekly Round-Up on that little 320x480 screen while on the beach in Tel Aviv this Friday. And, if I'm patient enough to enter text with a tiny stylus, I should be able to send a few posts.


GWB said...

Bravo TSB! Say hi to BIBI !! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Please post beach pictures and weather. gwb

TSB said...


I'll post some when I get back. FYI, the beach looks very inviting!

SassAndSweet said...

Enjoy TLV. I recommend the beach reataurant of Fortuna Del Mar at the tlv marina.. And my personal favorite - Turquoise - up at Tel Baruch Beach...

Anonymous said...


Thanks! I'm in a hotel next to the marina, so I'll take your suggestion.


Anonymous said...

TSB: FYI: This as an illustration of how eminently corruptible intelligence agencies are.

Ret’d. CIA Official Alleges Bush White House Used Agency to “Get” Cole

Posted on 06/16/2011 by
PS: Hope you are enjoying your TDY.
Does Isreal have internet surveillance on a par with the US??
(Don't answer!) gwb