Saturday, October 15, 2011

'Happy Fire' In Tripoli (What Goes Up, Must Come Down)

Listen to that joyously unrestrained celebratory gunfire in Tripoli! Unconfirmed reports say that six people were killed by falling rounds. If so, then it was even worse than a typical New Year's Eve in Puerto Rico, where only two people get killed. Arriba!

Someone has started a Twitter campaign to make Libyans a little more careful about where they point the muzzle when they empty a magazine.

Libyans cry #NotoCelebullets as 'unconfirmed news kills':

With troops loyal to Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) close to a complete rout of pro-Gadhafi forces in Sirte, a bloody evening of gunfire reportedly left six dead and many more injured 500 kilometers away in the capital Tripoli. Shortly after the explosion of small arms fire, ambulance sirens joined the din as scores of innocent victims were rushed to hospital. Property was destroyed and the streets of the Libyan capital once again became a place of extreme danger – all in the name of celebrations. A rumour that the NTC had captured Gadhafi’s son, Mutasim Gadhafi, in Sirte set off massive celebrations with hundreds of jubilant Libyans firing into the air. Activists called for a halt to the dangerous celebrations by tweeting under the hashtag #notocelebullets. In the morning, there was no Mutasim Gadhafi, as activists attempted to count the toll from so-called celebratory gunfire. The news remained unconfirmed 24 hours later.

Good luck with that hashtag. If it works, maybe we can tackle Puerto Rico next.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Here's something to celebrate:
The Neo-Imperialists have finally agreed to abide by their 2008 SOFA
and leave Iraq by Dec. 31st! gwb

Anonymous said...


Troglodytes Unite!! They are trying to put you out of business... not to mention J.Cole and the Daily Show. I wonder how long til I'll be on the "watch list" for reading this (or any) blog? Keep up the good work! gwb

Anonymous said...

Are the generals stealing Egypt?
By Spengler (ATimes) Spengler follows the demise of Egypt's economy and predicts millions of starvation deaths in the near future. Food prices are up 80% since Jan 11! Tantawi has no clue and the govt. is imploding in corruption and theft. El
Baredi has a good clue but no chance.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Did aliens abduct your latest post? (I'm having the same problem with my wireless service!) I wanted to read it more thoroughly. gwb