Friday, October 28, 2011

Slow Motion Suicide In Sarajevo

The WaPo report on today's shooting incident in front of U.S. Embassy Sarajevo quotes the AP and Sarajevo city officials saying that the shooter was a Muslim from Novi Pazar, Serbia, and that he wounded a policeman guarding the embassy before being shot by responding police. None of the Embassy employees was injured.

Radio reports are saying the embassy office building was struck by rifle rounds. Fortunately, the building is a new Fortress Embassy, completed almost one year ago, so the bullets bounced right off. Ha!

Bosnian TV identified the shooter as a follower of Wahabi Islam, and noted that he was dressed in "an outfit typical for followers of the conservative Wahabi branch of Islam." That must explain the highwater pants, since they are fashionable among young Bosnian Muslims, apparently in imitation of the shortened thobes (the white man-dresses) worn by the more devote Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia, who in turn are imitating the dress of the companions of the Prophet.

There is a good set of photos at the UK Daily Mail, here.

After Highpants paced back and forth for about 30 minutes, essentially daring the police to shoot him, they finally did so with a single head shot. Naturally, that moment was captured and posted to YouTube. The video is tastefully non-graphic.


Anonymous said...

TSB: Great Embassy! And Moon blogs in Croatian! Speaking of terrorists, "Chapo" Guzman's 22 yo
girl friend just had 2 healthy twins in LA. I'm all for medical tourism but shouldn't somebody ask her ... "Where's Chapo?" How bout put those little rascals in protective custody? gwb

TSB said...

Medical tourism, yes, exactly. I think Chapo's wife is a U.S. citizen, so we couldn't stop her from coming in. And there isn't any arrest warranty for her, so she was free to leave. Still, you might thing that a prosecutor would want to get a quick warrant for her as a material witness or something.

Of course, Chapo might not be the sentimental type, and maybe he wouldn't much care about his family being in a Gringo jail.

Anonymous said...

TSB: I still think Zardari won't make it to 2012. Amazing the stuff you can say about your elected leaders in Pakistan!

“Step down Zardari and hand over your money otherwise we will hang you here,” cried Shahbaz Sharif, chief minister of Punjab, addressing the crowd.

Anonymous said...

Now there are a couple birth certificates it would be fun to see
and then ask Donald Trump what should be done. gwb

TSB said...

Pakistani political rhetoric is great, maybe even better than Arab rhetoric. It's been a couple hundred years since we had U.S. politicians calling for hanging. I like the honesty.

Zardari has to figure he'll end up the way most previous Presidents did - assassinated like his wife, overthrown and hanged like his father-in-law was, exiled like Musharraf, or just put back in the same prison where he spent ten years before coming to office. I really don't blame him for skimming off all the money he can; the long-term good of his country must hold little interest for him.

Anonymous said...

LOL, where is the flood?

TSB said...

That's as close as he can get to the extra-pious Saudi style while wearing pants.