Friday, May 4, 2018

Most Head Shakingly Bad Thing of the Week

Deputy Consul General Of Israel Allegedly Forced Out Of Uber Ride For Speaking Hebrew On Phone
CHICAGO (CBS) – The Deputy Consul General of Israel to the Midwest, Itay Milner, says he was ten minutes into his Uber ride on Lower Wacker Drive Thursday night when he was thrown out by the driver.

Milner wrote in a Facebook post, “I just had the worst experience of my life. I was just thrown out of an Uber in the middle of the highway only because I answered my phone in my mother tongue.”

He adds, “Ten minutes into my ride with no prior interaction between the driver and myself, it took only two words in Hebrew to get my driver [to] start yelling at me ‘Get the $#@* out of my car!'”

He continued: “It did not help when I told him that I can’t go out in the middle of the highway. It was like I wasn’t a person for him anymore. When I asked him if it’s because I’m speaking Hebrew he said yes and kept yelling at me to get out. I am not easily intimidated, but that scared me and I ran out of there, walking in the middle of the road.

“I never thought something like this could happen in America, such awful racism. This cannot be tolerated!”


Anonymous said...

"Lordy Lordy" TSB I guess you really aren't safe riding an Uber... and the "witch-hunt" seems to be unravelling fast!
This could hurt Comey's book sales what with love birds flying the coop and Mueller top deputies leaving this thing could wrap up pretty soon! gwb

TSB said...

I've never trusted Uber drivers. You have no idea who they are.

Anonymous said...

TSB: The last time this happened in Hawaii in 2011 with the same two volcanoes draining and a 7.0 earthquake it was 6 days until the "big one" hit at Fukashima. Will it happen again? There is a tremendous amount of pressure building under the Pacific plate and about 15 volcanoes erupting. I'll be watching for "Dutchsinse's weekly EQ forecast tonite. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Diplomatic genius Trump wraps up the week by bringing home N Korean prisoners and capturing 5 top ISIS guys! That's a pretty good week! gwb

Five "Most Wanted" ISIS Leaders Captured, Trapped Using Smartphone App

Anonymous said...

TSB: Gee Whiz! Di Fi's husband found money laundering with big defense contracts in Iraq. I can hardly wait to see that guy takin Da Fif! gwb
Funny this story didn't make the search engines! It has to be really frustrating when you are only worth a few hundred million.