Thursday, May 24, 2018

Rep. Meeks: Show Me The Money

Yesterday's House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing Review of the FY 2019 State Department Budget Request got a bit heated when Representative Gregory Meeks (D - NY) pointed out to Secretary Pompeo that the administration's budget request for Diplomatic Security is only $1.6 billion for FY19, down from $2.1 billion last year, which compares poorly to $3 billion in the Obama years.

Meeks asked whether that dwindling of security funding indicates a lack of concern, the same question then-Representative Pompeo had once asked of his predecessor Hillary Clinton.

His reply: "Diplomatic security is not about dollars expended."


Anonymous said...

TSB: Big event this weekend will be when Colombia elections are won by the "anti-imperialist" left wing candidate. Last week Colombia interdicted a freighter carrying food, medicine and mining, farming equipment from India which was "bartered" to Venezuela for oil. These economic sanctions will not win friends in Colombia or Ecuador and the Venezuelan oil industry will rise again with the aid of allies China, India & Russia. Once Aissami takes over in Venezuela and Obrador in Mexico the payback is going to be big for the cruel corporatists in the USA and Bernie's gonna be glad he has a government job with free healthcare. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: On the eve of Colombia elections, Russia and Iran have announced they will begin trading in goods and services in cryptocurrency to get around US sanctions. Sen. Bob Corker was dispatched to, and met with President Maduro in Caracas. (I guess it's time to talk.) In Colombia they arrested Escobar's former hitman for plotting to kill the leftist candidate for President. Sounds like USG is seeing a problem if all the OPEC countries decide to side with Iran against the US. Should be a fun weekend remembering those long gas lines the last time we had an OPEC oil embargo. gwb

TSB said...

Bartering goods on a mass scale, and using cryptocurrencies to evade sanctions! What a great time to be alive if you're an Anarcho-Capitalist.