Saturday, September 24, 2011

That's An Excellent Point, LTC Peters

While channel-surfing TV news programs this morning, I caught a few seconds of the retired Army officer and writer/columnist Ralph Peters commenting on the Afghanistan situation and how it forces us into a highly troubled relationship with Pakistan.

Quoting him from memory, he said this:

“When I went to Command and General Staff College, I would have flunked out if I proposed to put 100,000 troops at the end of a single supply line that ran through a thousand miles of hostile territory.”

That is an excellent point. After ten years, we still haven't found an alternative to routing all our Afghan-bound truck convoys from the port of Karachi through the Khyber Pass, thereby putting ourselves at the mercy of Pakistan's ISI and its Taliban allies. Shouldn't the CGSC have revoked some diplomas by now?


Anonymous said...

TSB:Obama prepares to punish Pakistan
By M K Bhadrakumar

According to this career Indian diplomat Obama (in a fit of pique?) has decided to spend lots of money to cut Pakistan out of the supply business and into the hands of our new best friends in Tashkent. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: These Franco-Political arms for money deals are a lot sexier than the Oliver North/Reagan one don't you think? This Yugoslave princess is pretty cute! Or is it Goldie Hawn? gwb

Sarkozy aide’s wife confirms bagman allegations’s-wife-confirms-bagman-allegations.html

TSB said...

The French have more style, absolutely.

That dodgy "Princess" cracks me up. If she's the Princess, then who is the Prince of Yugoslavia? Do the Yugoslavians - are there any left? - even know they have a royal family?

Anonymous said...

TSB: It appears Tony B has been playing more than music in that quartet!

It looks like the rats are fleeing the HMS Blair! And did you see the quartet at the UN? Is that Hillary w/o a pantsuit?? Looks like desperation to me! gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: We have serious problems here in the northwest!

LOOK AT THESE YOUNG SEAHAWK FANS warming up for today's game by protesting the high price of tomatoes! The "Hawks" could be set to go 0-16. They better get that FEMA camp done fast at the Yakima Training Center! How bout those 2-0 Redskins!! gwb

Anonymous said...

An Arab Fling: The West and International Justice in Libya
by Mark Kersten
Very good post TSB by opinio juris about the "post justice" era we are in. Every powerful person must be protected from embarrassment and thus the kleptocrats get to escape with their country's (and US taxpayer) wealth. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: The Neo-Geniuses McCain+Graham have the answer to this problem: bomb Iran and declare war on Pakistan. gwb

PS: Check with Federale, I think Lindsey might be gayer than futbol.

TSB said...

Declare war on Pakistan? We'll get right on that.

I don't know about Lindsey's lifestyle but, yeah, even after discounting for the Low Country accent, he sets off gaydar alarms.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Is GSA supposed to be developing weapons systems or are they just stuck with old equipment? gwb

Woman reportedly injured by exploding toilet at GSA building

I wonder if this is earthquake or alien related?

Anonymous said...


Yemen president accused of tricking Saudis
By Anna Fifield in Washington, Roula Khalaf in London and Abigail Fielding-Smith in Bei

Anonymous said...

In increasingly post-legal America, Van Buren has, it seems, committed a new crime: the spreading of public knowledge. Truly, if shame had any meaning, the State Department and the Obama administration should be filled with it. (Juan Cole today on Peter Van Buren's book/blog:We Mean't Well)

TSB said...


Presdient Saleh must have a lot of tricky Ninja moves to get past the Saudis like that. Or else, they let him go, and this is their excuse. Either way, his return is not good news.

Anonymous said...

I worked for a guy like that once. I think the plan is still to turn everything over to his son in January, come hell or high water. (After free and fair elections of course!) Speaking of slippery characters.. Where's Moamarr K?