Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where Were You On 9/11/01?

I've added a new Blog Roll entry for The OpSec Blog, which is written by a DOS Security Engineering Officer. This week, OSB is asking where were you on 9/11/01?

Many of us can relate how we learned of the attack while at work, and how it almost instantly changed the nature of that work. However, since many current members of the Foreign Service blogosphere were, I believe, not yet employed by the State Department on 9/11, I'd be interested to learn whether the attack was a personal turning point for them, leading them into a career that otherwise they might not have entered.


Anonymous said...

TSB: I was sleeping but awakened by an excited neighbor. Top scene for me was the obvious implosion of Trade Center 7, later admitted by the owner Larry Silverstein. I was immediately and forever SKEPTICAL! I think the man of the decade should be Rafid Ahmed Alwan (Curveball) the phony Iraqi defector who was used to sell the public GWOT... a war against a tactic paid for entirely on credit. GWB

Anonymous said...

TSB: Juan has a pretty good update on the Iraq situation. He thinks we are totally out Dec 31 except for training Iraqis to use the equipment they want to buy from the US. It will be interesting to see this play out.
Big challenge for the State Dept! gwb