Thursday, November 17, 2011

Boston Illegal: Uncle Omar Goes To Court

Onyango "Uncle Omar" Obama, that distant-but-not-distant-enough Kenyan relative of President Obama, appeared in Framingham Mass District Court today and filed a motion to suppress evidence from his drunk driving arrest last August. He's going to argue that his arrest was improper and therefore his subsequent search was unconstitutional. Meanwhile, he remains free and continues to be employed at a Framingham liquor store (photo above, courtesy of

The stakes are high. Since Uncle Omar is an illegal alien and federal fugitive with an outstanding deportation order hanging over his head, his conviction on a drunk driving charge could threaten, however implausibly, to end his long sojourn in America.

I've posted about Uncle Omar before, as well as about his charming sister "Aunt Zeituni," both of them long-time illegal residents of the Boston area. Zeituni's own deportation from the USA was finally avoided when she was granted political asylum on her third try. Hint-hint, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.

By coincidence, I just finished reading an excellent biography of President Obama's father (The Other Barack) written by Boston Globe reporter Sally Jacobs. She untangles the complicated family tree that connects the Onyango siblings to our chief executive, and also explains why they are so drawn to the Boston area. It turns out that both Massachusetts and alcohol abuse are reoccurring themes in the history of the elder Obama and his fragmented family.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book TSB! The father reminds me a lot of Bill Clinton: high intelligence, alcoholic family, endless women, drugs...and the ability to fool most of the people most of the time. I never read an Obama book because I figured it was modeled on
Hillary's classic work: "It Takes A Village". Good Post! gwb

TSB said...

Obama's own books don't interest me either (but it tells you something about him that all his books are autobiographies; he has never written anything else, not even a law review article or an op/ed piece). His father, though, I find much more authentic and compelling. I'd say he was another Bill Clinton only without the luck and with a real, real, big booze habit.

Anonymous said...

Wow TSB: These "OWS" protests are puny compared to Egypt! They are really going to be hot when they find out the military has been looting the banks and there is no money left to import food! gwb Egyptians back in Tahrir for anti-military protests, 10 months after Mubarak’s ouster

Anonymous said...

Veteran’s Day: Knocking on Heaven’s Door Nov 18, 2011

TSB: "Sacked" State hero Peter Van Buren updates the suicide situation...getting much worse! gwb

and (diplopndt) they are hustling the Peace Corps out of Kazahkstan after 18 years! (War Trumps Peace?)

TSB said...

At least the new demos are distracting the Egyptian police from running down any more Copts.