Monday, November 21, 2011

CG Dubai Moves To More Horizontal Surroundings

Consulate General Dubai used to be embedded in a small part of this high-rise office tower, which I believe is the largest and most populous in the Middle East. But now, CG Dubai has its own nice, new, secure and sustainable Fortress inside Dubai's diplomatic enclave.

U.S. Dedicates New Consulate Compound in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

The multi-building complex, featuring a Consulate Office Building with an interior atrium and a multimedia center, has quickly become a platform to increase U.S. interaction with the Emirati people. The Consulate’s permanent art collection celebrates the exchange of artistic expression between the United States and the UAE through work by contemporary Emirati, American, and regional artists, curated by OBO’s Office of Art in Embassies. Occupying a six-acre site in the heart of Dubai’s diplomatic enclave on the Dubai Creek, the new facility creates a secure, sustainable, and pleasant workplace for approximately 280 employees.

The new Consulate incorporates numerous sustainable features, most notably solar hot water as well as zero use of potable water for irrigation. The facility is registered with the Green Building Certification Institute and is entering the formal review process with enough credits to earn a LEED Gold rating. B.L. Harbert International of Birmingham, Alabama constructed the project, which was designed by Page Southerland Page of Arlington, Virginia. The $147 million project generated jobs in both the United States and UAE.

I notice that OBO and the post have managed to keep photos of the completed new facility off of the internets, for now. If you're curious about what the new place looks like, you can view pastel watercolor artist renderings full of smiling people - a major part of every architect's portfolio - here. A new embassy or consulate never looks as good in real life as it does in those pretty paintings, so take what you see there and dial it down about 20%.

The press release goes on to note:

Since the 1999 enactment of the Secure Embassy Construction and Counterterrorism Act, the Department has moved more than 26,000 people into safer facilities. OBO has completed 87 diplomatic facilities and has an additional 41 projects in design or construction.

You can see photos of those completed new facilities here on OBO's website, in a sort of Fortress Embassies On Parade slideshow.


Anonymous said...

Well Dog MY Cats TSB! Egypt has a new Department of Homeland Security. gwb

Anonymous said...

I love that can't decide whether we have a Consulate or an Embassy in Dubai. (Look at the photo captions.)

Anonymous said...

TSB: Terrorists Coming Thru Turkey!? I didn't know they could fly. This is what we get for $80 billion? gwb

TSB said...

Good catch on the sometimes-an-embassy, sometimes-a-consulate, status of Dubai. I hadn't noticed that. Oh well, the UAE is one of those very vague places with hazy origins, so I can see how people might get confused!

Federale said...

In addition to no photos allowed, are people blindfolded when they enter the Forbidden Zone..ehhrrr...Diplomatic Quarter?

TSB said...

No blindfolds. These diplo quarters are usually a lot of security theater, even in places that are much more hardcore than Dubai. But middle eastern governments do have a real phobia about taking pictures, even of things that are in plain sight.