Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Did Gowdy Land a Glove On HRC After All?

Official or unofficial? No HRC email for that day has been released

Maybe Trey Gowdy managed to inflict a political wound on Hillary Clinton by accident. Not with his 800-page report full of of rehash and bombast, but with the incidental finding that Hillary had conducted all of her official SecState business over a private email server.

The New York Times story on the Benghazi Select Committee's final report makes that point (Unscathed by Report, Hillary Clinton Faces Emails as Final Benghazi Chapter):
A much shorter report issued last month by the State Department’s inspector general was arguably a bigger blow to Mrs. Clinton’s credibility than this one. It confirmed that her email arrangement violated State Department rules, showed the lengths to which her aides went to avoid setting up a proper account for her and disclosed that her home server was hastily shut down at least once because of fears it had been hacked.

That OIG report is non-partisan and has a dispassionate, measured, tone. Quite possibly, it presents a bigger political problem for HRC than anything Trey Gowdy accomplished in over two years of trying.


Anonymous said...

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James said...

Skep, Gwb,
Have a good 4th!

TSB said...

Thanks, James. And a Happy Fourth to you two gentlemen!