Saturday, June 18, 2016

Most Eyebrow-Raising Headline of the Week

An actual 'fell off a truck' kind of deal

"Sandwich lover's dream? Deli meat truck crashes into bread truck in NJ" - ABC News NY


Anonymous said...

TSB: This was a pretty good crash too! It seems some European leaders aren't happy with the continual NATO push to provoke Russia into war. gwb

Huge Scandal Erupts Inside NATO: Alliance Member Germany Slams NATO "Warmongering" Against Russia

(Trump ought to invite Bernie to come along with him to find out what's going on with the German foreign minister. He ought to invite him also to discuss getting rid of Obamacare.)

Anonymous said...

TSB: Regarding Gertrude Stein;
That's great! Trump nonsense is the best nonsense. Like: "You're Fired" - Trump Parts Way With Campaign Manager As Clinton Lead Builds
Just as he previously warned - "If they’re fighting, I get rid of one or the other or do something," Donald Trump is parting ways with his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, a move that comes as the presumptive Republican nominee faces challenges as it moves toward the general election.(That's the thing!) gwb

Anonymous said...

FBI Explains Why It Redacted The 911 Transcript feb 20,2016

Feds Reverse Course, Release Full, Unedited 911 Transcript Following Public Outcry
OD: What's your name?
OM: My name is I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
OD: Ok, What's your name?
OM: I pledge allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, may God protect him [in Arabic], on behalf of the Islamic State. (as DJT would say: I told you-Islamic radical terrorim..they just won't say it until WE make them say it!-I tell you-we are winning and we are going to win BIG!! on this thing and a lot of other things.)

Anonymous said...

TSB: Was Orlando a false flag operation? There is this:

FBI Tried To 'Lure' Omar Mateen Into A Terror Plot Before Orlando Shooting June 20
Before Omar Mateen gunned down 49 patrons of the LGBTQ Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the FBI attempted to induce him to participate in a terror plot. Sheriff Ken Mascara of Florida’s St. Lucie County told the Vero Beach Press Journal that after Mateen threatened a courthouse deputy in 2013 by claiming he could order Al Qaeda operatives to kill his family, the FBI dispatched an informant to "lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite."

We know the establishment loves Hillary. The Republican leadership hates Trump and won't even talk about him. I'm thinking there is a plan to knock Trump out of the race and all this anti-ISIS stuff is the prelude. Taking out Assad suddenly would be the thing that swings the election to Hillary, kick off hostilities with Putin and get riots going in the streets. gwb

TSB said...

I don't think the establishment loves Hillary. Many in the permanent government - of both parties - wish they'd seen the last of her. Whoever wins, most of Washington will be unhappy.

Anonymous said...

TSB: Something is pretty fishy here! gwb

And I'm sure you are right about a lot of people wishing they were rid of Hillary. But the $$ backing Hillary are from all over the world and they can't be stopped by anybody in DC. gwb