Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Donald Trump Interprets Robert Frost

Donald Trump's speaking style shows much more literary influence than you might think. First, a linguist at the University of Pennsylvania traced the roots of his rhetoric to Gertrude Stein - yes, really - and now, courtesy of The Rotting Post (the finest in literate snark), we have a Trumperian rendition of Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening:

I have a pretty good idea whose woods these are, believe me. And let me tell you something, my people say he’s a complete nobody. This guy lives in the village. So what if he sees me stopping here? I dare him to sue me! I dare him!

And by the way, this snow is pathetic. These are by far, the least downy flakes ever! I hear they had to import them from Canada. I don’t know. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn’t. We’re looking into it.

My horse – he’s the most incredible horse, seriously, I have the greatest, the classiest horses – My horse doesn’t even know what the hell we’re doing here. The horses love me though. They do. They’re always shaking their bells at me, it’s very loving. It’s a beautiful thing.

Let me tell you something, these woods are an embarrassment. They’re not dark. They’re not deep. They’re nothing. They’re for losers. And I cannot wait to sue this guy. I cannot wait to sue this guy.

Austere and very moving.


Anonymous said...

Great post TSB! and speaking of eloquent and moving oratory...
Democrats, led by civil rights legendary icon Elijah Cummings
surprised the Speaker by staging a SIT IN! They want the right
to vote!! With C-Span turned off and no microphones they are
now depending on modern technology to publicize this unprecedented
move. 'MAMA! PICK UP THE PHONE!' gwb

TSB said...

I guess the 60s never ended. It's for the best. They'd hate it in 2016.

Anonymous said...

Clue me in TSB or James. Who is going to win this one? gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: As is often the case, I look forward to hearing what Jenk Ugar thinks about it. Pretty good. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Heavily-Armed Gunman Killed After Opening Fire In German Cinema
Update: Police report shooter is dead.
Witnesses are reporting multiple shots fired as Bild reports a heavily-armed man is at large in a cinema complex in Viernheim, Germany. The armed man has barricaded himself in the center and SWAT are on their way...police say up to 50 wounded.

1. I'll bet the German's didn't take 3 hrs to enter the theater. 2.Bet he is pro-Allah and not mentally ill and probably had a forged Turkish passport. gwb

Anonymous said...

TSB: Wrong again! I guess the Germans know how to handle a mass shooter! gwb

A masked man took hostages at a cinema in western Germany on Thursday before police stormed the complex and shot him dead, police said.

No other people were injured, a police spokesman said.

The attacker, who carried a rifle or "long gun", acted alone and appeared to have been a "disturbed man", the interior minister of Hesse state, Peter Beuth, told the regional parliament.

Police had not identified the man or established his motive, spokesman Bernd Hochstaedter said, adding that nothing immediately pointed to him having a militant background.

Anonymous said...

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