Sunday, June 12, 2016

“I will soon be dead thanks to a progressive and untreatable illness ... I seek an intern”

I call that an attention grabber, and it's just one small part of the most unconventional help wanted ad ever. Read it here: Living the Die Life, and please pass it along to anyone you know who may be interested.

This seeker of an intern is a woman currently in assisted living in North Carolina, someone highly literate, a quantitative reasoner, and the owner of a pet python. She's going from assisted living to assisted bucket list touring, and needs an equally unconventional employee who can help her with basic mobility, sometimes with communication, and possibly also by running legal interference regarding her DNR DNI with police or ambulance personnel.

Ex-military preferred, but negotiable. Check the videos linked in the ad for email info, and exchange emails if you're interested.

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