Saturday, May 14, 2011

At Least They're In The Top Two

"One of the best?" Well, that was one of the signs held up by demonstrators in Islamabad today. Rather faint praise, I think.

I get it that this is an expression of wounded national pride, what with the obvious Pakistani embarrassment over the ease with which U.S. forces entered their country's airspace undetected, kinetically acted upon Osama bin Laden, and then got back out of Pakistan as slickly as they got in. We ought to have a little sympathy for the Pakistanis and resist any juvenile urges to make cheap-shot jokes at their expense.

Then again, why not?

It looks to me like the Pakistani Army was the second best armed force in Islamabad on the night of May 2.

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Anonymous said...

What bothers me is that they are one of the best "nuclear" armed forces in the world: (Well over 100 warheads and hell bent to get to 200 warheads)
And apparently they have been channeling our money into the program. This also seems to be a matter of immense pride and stupidity. Good luck with slipping those out of the country! gwb