Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day: Google Versus Bing

I think the problem with Google must be that they have too many Chinese and Indian geeks in management jobs. Google creates those elaborate and imaginative logos on holidays and special occasions (see them here) but seems to be indifferent, or at best tone-deaf, when it comes to U.S. historic or patriotic days.

Here's an example of what I mean, and here's an even bigger one.

Google put no effort at all into Memorial Day, just a little yellow ribbon of an afterthought.

Bing, as usual, knows what day it is.

Google logos have been good for learning about the birthdays of obscure people I don't care about, however, I use Bing as a search engine most of the time now just out of annoyance at the other guy.


Anonymous said...

I'm done with Google. I have no use for their liberal/socialist ways.
Patriots!!! Unite!!!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! As a vet I am VERY disappointed in Googole's lack of appreciation for the sacrifices I and my fellow Airman and all our families have made. There is nothing political about expressing gratitude.

Anonymous said...

My mid thirties daughter keeps telling me: "Dad! It's Bing, not Google!" She's been at Microsoft longer than I can remember... and I've been "over the hill" since she was 16. Ok TSB, I'll check out Bing. gwb

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the issue should be with the immigrant who runs Google rather than the slave-wage drones on H-1Bs. Or the 20 something Gen-Ys from San Francisco who do all the "creative" work who are only concerned about pot, partying, gay marriage, and hating America.

There are just as many H-1B drones at Microsoft, so I don't think it is the staff, but the management.

For an immigrant, he is certainly unappreciative of America.

TSB said...

The 'citizen of the world' pose must run pretty deep through the whole organization.